Strobing Creams
Move over contouring, this season it’s all about strobing. The key to faking a more youthful looking complexion, strobing is pretty much the opposite of contouring. Where contouring is about creating the strong chiselled look of Mrs Kardashian-West, Strobing creates a dewy shimmy more youthful looking glow. It’s the perfect cover up for stressed out post-summer skin, plus unlike contouring it’s very easy to master.

Long lasting lipsticks

Lipsticks are the stylish mums secret weapon. Super quick to apply, they instantly lift and brighten your features, creating the appearance of a woman who has it all together, even though your house is a bomb site and your toddler has just wiped snot on your only clean pair of jeans!

Everyday Makeup Essentials
My current everyday makeup essentials

Being a mum, I often don’t have time (and if truth be told can’t be bothered) to play around with different makeup looks, so  instead I rely on a selection of everyday makeup essentials to help take me from ‘just out of bed’ to ‘polished’ in under 10 minutes.