Can A Satin Pillowcase Really Help Fight Wrinkles?No matter what you’re opinion of the Kardashian’s, with their access to some of the worlds top skincare experts, no one can deny they know a thing or two about beauty.

So when super hot, mum of three Kourtney Kardashian let slip that the secret to her youthful skin is sleeping on a satin pillow, it only cemented what I already knew… my fresh white linen pillowcases (the ones I love so much) could be ruining my looks! Insert ‘hysterically crying’ emoji here.


VERSO Facial Masks; Your New Beauty Hero

One of the joys of working in the beauty industry is getting to test out a huge range of beauty products (I know, stating the obvious here). Yet if truth be told, most of the products out there don’t do a whole lot. Which is why I (and you may have noticed) keep going back to a few key brands that I know I can rely on to produce to the goods. There are occasions however, when I stumble across a new range of product that really deserves shouting about. 

The Pick Me-Up BlushAlong side mascara and concealer, blusher really is the sleep deprived mum’s makeup saviour. Not only does it disguise the ‘zombified mum’ look by bringing instant life to your face and faking a vital glow but if recent reports are anything to go by, it’s also Hollywoods secret to a youthful complexion.