VERSO Facial Masks; Your New Beauty Hero

One of the joys of working in the beauty industry is getting to test out a huge range of beauty products (I know, stating the obvious here). Yet if truth be told, most of the products out there don’t do a whole lot. Which is why I (and you may have noticed) keep going back to a few key brands that I know I can rely on to produce to the goods. There are occasions however, when I stumble across a new range of product that really deserves shouting about. 

The Pick Me-Up BlushAlong side mascara and concealer, blusher really is the sleep deprived mum’s makeup saviour. Not only does it disguise the ‘zombified mum’ look by bringing instant life to your face and faking a vital glow but if recent reports are anything to go by, it’s also Hollywoods secret to a youthful complexion.

Spoil Your Mum This Mothers Day
Confession. I don’t think I really realised the value of mothers until I became one myself. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate my mother, I did. I just didn’t have any understanding of the true sacrifice a mother goes through for the love of her child. How your child becomes your world, how you will always choose what’s best for your child over what’s best for you and how you would lay down your life for your child.

Cocoonababy, The Key To A Peaceful Newborn?
Like most newborns, when my darling son came in to this world he did little more than eat, sleep and cry. Eating and crying were pretty much constants, sleep not so much. Part of me puts it down to him being so tiny and still wanting to be back in the womb, the other half just to him being a tricky baby but whatever the reason my son did not want to sleep. He refused to sleep in his crib, he refused to sleep in the car and the pram? Well I could forget that too. 

8 Eye Popping Mascaras

Truth be told, I have never been and never will be one to leave the house with out a slick (or three) of mascara. I mean, I’m all for embracing natural beauty but when you’re as fair haired as I am (I talking so pale your makeup free features blend in to one), mascara (unlike for all you brunettes beauties with your naturally dark lashes) isn’t an option, it’s an essential.