A Valentines Gift Guide (For You, To Guide Him)
I’m not sure about you ladies but I’d be kidding myself to think that my husband has already purchased my Valentines gift. So with exactly a week to go until the big ‘day of love’, I have created a Valentines Gift List (similar to those I use to leave Santa but with slightly different gifts) that I shall be leaving on display all week, in the hope that he takes note and uses it as his source of Valentines inspiration! 

'Clean and Lean To Go' salad and wraps

If you’re anything like me, hunting out a clean, lean healthy lunch ‘to go’ in central London can take the better half of your lunch hour. I’ll walk to Pret, check the lables, put it back, head to Itsu read the lables put it back, go to Starbucks decide there is nothing there either and more often than not head back to the first joint and go through the whole process again. Feeling frustrated and annoyed, I’ll then decided to push through the hunger and wait until I get home.