Prep Your Way To Flawless Legs

Prep Your Way To Flawless LegsCan’t stand tights but the thought of flashing your pins breaks you out in cold sweats? With the warm weather showing no signs of waning, I’ve selected 8 fail safe products guaranteed to make even the even the most sun shy of legs look flawless.

Frank Body Original Coffee Body Scrub
With it’s special blend ofPrep Your Way To Flawless Legs natural ingredients including ground robusta coffee beans to wake up skin and help smooth lumps and bumps, cold pressed sweet almond oil to hydrate and nourish, and sea salt to scrub away dry, flaky skin, Frank Body Original Coffee Body Scrub will leave your skin feeling touch-ably soft and supple.

Prep Your Way To Flawless Legs

Evolve Organic Beauty Satin Legs Gloss £9.   Designed to give legs a glossy, high shine finish, this brilliant dry body oil containing organic camellia seed oil and castor oil, plus mineral mica and titanium for some extra sparkle is guaranteed to make your legs stand out from the crowd.

 Prep Your Way To Flawless Legs

Anne Semonin Exfoliating Shower Gel £27. Created especially for those suffering with mild dryness, this gentle and biodegradable wood-pulp body exfoliator works to regenerate the skin whilst releasing the invigorating fresh scent of green tea and jasmine.

 Prep Your Way To Flawless Legs

Magnitone London The Full Monty Vibra-Sonic Daily Skincare Bruch Summer EDITION £130. Tone and exfoliate your whole body with the Magnitone London’s Full Monty!; an innovative brush that deeply cleanses the face, body and feet to remove dirt and impurities for an energising cleanse and ultimate skin confidence.

Prep Your Way To Flawless Legs

Rahua Amazon Oil £47.  Gluten-free, vegan and enriched with Sacha Inchi Omega-3 and Amazonian Buruti oil, Rahua’s super luxe Amazon Oil utalises it’s all-natural, non-toxic ingredients for a healthy complexion and more radiant glow.

Remescar Spider Veins £29.95. Thread veins keeping you from barring your pins?  Remescar Spider Veins has been clinically proven to help in the healing and the prevention of spider veins, byrepairing weak vein tissues and will reduce the vascular discoloration caused by the spider veins.

Prep Your Way To Flawless LegsSASS Intimate Perfect Skin Conentrate £12 . Say goodbye to ingrown hairs. Suitable to use during pregnancy, SASS Intimate Perfect Skin Concentrate has been specially formulated to prevent those frustrating Ingrown hairs and shave bumps in the most intimate of areas.

Prep Your Way To Flawless LegsVita Liberata Body Blur Instant Skin Finisher £29.95. For insta-ready, air-brushed skin it’s got to be Body Blur Instant Skin Finisher. Fortified with light-reflecting particles, Vita Liberata’s skin-perfecting formula minimises the appearance of blemishes, imperfections and uneven skin tone on the face and body.