5 Beauty Must Haves For New Mums

5 Beauty Must Haves For New MumsSleepless nights, cracked nipples, mum-tums and hair that hasn’t seen a brush in days. Is it really any wonder us new mums can feel a little broken in those first few weeks?

Because we don’t always want to feel like an extra from the Walking Dead, I’ve decided to share the 5 beauty musts haves that have helped give me that extra boost of confidence and feel a little more human since the arrival of my newborn.

5 Beauty Must Haves For New MumsRodial Bee Venom Eye Cream £115. If there is ever a time to invest in eye cream, it’s when you have a newborn. Currently I am relying on Rodials Bee Venom Eye Cream to pep up my peepers. With Bee Venom, plant stems cells, haloxyl , peptideds and my must have vitamin C, Bee Venom Eye Cream stimulates blood circulation, smooth out under eye wrinkles, brightens dark circles and firms the skin.

5 Beauty Must Haves For New MumsMacom Medical Miracle Waist £59.90. Don’t underestimate the confidence boosting benefits of a postnatal corset. Not only do they help to streamline your figure, creating a smoother silhouette under clothes but with continual wear (along with a healthy diet and exercise) can help shape your waist back to it’s pre-baby proportions. I’ve been wearing Macom Medical’s Miracle Waist for over two weeks now and can already see a significant reduction in my mum-tum.

5 Beauty Must Haves For New MumsKiehl’s Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream £23.50. As a new mum we often don’t have time or simply can’t be bothered to apply makeup but if like me you just can’t face the world bare faced, then pick up a tube of Kiehl’s time saving (and face saving) BB Cream. Providing light coverage and a natural dewy glow, this brilliant all in one skincare with vitamin C and SPF 50 visibly corrects the appearance of skin tone irregularities.

5 Beauty Must Haves For New Mums Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Oil £20.50. I may not be able to fit in to all my old clothes yet but I can make my skin feel faboulous. This lightly scented, natural Rose Nurturing Body Oil contaning extracts of damask rose, rose essential oils and Jojoba oil is the perfect treat for dry post pregnancy skin. It can also be used to help fade any stretch marks and is even safe to use for baby massage.

 5 Beauty Must Haves For New MumsMurad Intensive-C Radiance Peel £49.50. Much to the dismay of my skin, I am far too busy tending to the needs of my newborn to book myself in for a rejuvenating facial. Thankfully God invented the ‘at home mask’, in particular Murads Intensive-C Radiance Peel, an award winning marks that instantly brightens and smooths dull tired skin, so my skin can breath a sigh of relief.