Tiba + Marl; The Cool Mums Changing Bag

Tiba + Marl, The Cool Mums Changing Bag
There’s nothing I detest more than ‘ugly mum’ accessories, I mean seriously what are designers thinking? That now I’m a mum I suddenly want big ugly flowers printed over everything or worse… ducks!!

One of the biggest ‘ugly mum accessory’ offenders has to be the changing bag, which unfortunately for us, is also the one accessory every new mum needs.

When I had my son over 2 ½ years ago, I remember looking at the selection of changing bags with dismay and being forever grateful when I discovered that my Stokke stroller came with, you guessed it, a matching changing bag! Now don’t get me wrong, my Stokke bag wasn’t something to write home about but it was one of the best I’d seen, ringing true to it’s Scandi roots with a functional yet minimal design. That bag kept me going for years, that was until around a month ago (conveniently around the same time I started potty training my son) when it finally broke, and so with baby number 2 on the way, my hunt for that elusive ‘stylish changing bag’ began again.

The search second time round started in a similar way to the first, until one day while scrolling through Instagram, I stumbled across Tiba + Marl.

Tiba + Marl, The Cool Mums Changing Bag

Launching only last year, Tiba + Marl is the brain child of London mums, Anna Tizard (a former Senior Bag Buyer for Urban Outfitters and Topshop) and Lydia Barron (a footwear and accessories designer for Kurt Geiger), who (as if reading my mind) had spotted a gap in the market for contemporary, trend inspired parent changing bags.

With an aim to provide cool Mums and Dads with a range of cleverly designed, super functional changing bags where an edge of cool always comes as standard, Tiba + Marl has quickly become the coolest kid on the changing bag block.

With their new collection hitting the stores this spring, I thought I would share some of my favourite items from the range.

  1. The Elwood Quilt – This Tiba + Marl best seller has been revamped for a new season thanks to its  on trend qulting and gold zips.Tiba + Marl, The Cool Mums Changing Bag

…however I do still love the original in black leather, a great choice if you want your other half to share the load.

Tiba + Marl, The Cool Mums Changing Bag2 . The Leopard Print Raf Holdall – This little beauty has already been spotted on the arm of uber cool mum Fern Cotton. Tiba + Marl, The Cool Mums Changing Bag3. The Mini Raf  – A handbag size alternative to the original Raf Holdall. Available in black leather the Mini Raf is ideal for doubling up a workbag, gym bag, hand bag or even man bag!Tiba + Marl, The Cool Mums Changing Bag

Is there a ‘ugly mum accessory’ you can’t stand and would love to see redesigned? Share your thoughts in the comments below.