ASKINOLOGY London’s New Aesthetic Concept

ASKINOLOGY London's New Aesthetic Concept

In the heart of the city, situated between Bank and Liverpool St stations, lays Askinology, a brand new aesthetic concept dedicated to improving skin health.

ASKINOLOGY London's New Aesthetic Concept

What’s On Offer? From a full range of advanced skincare (including some of my personal favourites SkinCeuticals, Medik8 and Zo Skin Health) in their ground floor Cosmeceutical boutique, to no nonsense facials and makeup session at their mezzanine facial bar, and premium advanced lasers and treatments at their aesthetic clinic in the basement, Askinology is a one stop shop for all things cosmetic.

ASKINOLOGY Aesthetic Clinic Room 2
The Askinology Aesthetic Clinic 


The Askinology Makeup Bar

What I had? With just an hour to spare before nursery pick up, I stopped by the Askinology facial bar (the UK’s first don’t you know!) for their anti-ageing ‘Peel Me Booster’ at £65.

Laying back in one of their luxurious leather chairs, the therapist proceeds to cleanse away any traces of makeup before applying my ‘Aging Peel Me Booster’. An anti-aging peel, that works by stimulating fibroglasts to increase collagen production for fresher looking skin. After three pain free minutes, the peel is removed.

ASKINOLOGY London's New Aesthetic Concept
The Askinology Facial Bar

Next up is a hydrating mask and followed by the application of a serum. All about quenching your skin’s thirst, the serum uses hyaluronic acid (the famed hydrating molecule that attracts a 1000 times its own weight in water) to keep skin at optimum hydration levels, leaving it looking plump and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Always a most relaxing experience, I take advantage of the quite time and pack in a cheeky power nap (what can I say, I am a mum, If I get an opportunity catch up on some much needed zzz’s I’m taking it!).

ASKINOLOGY London's New Aesthetic Concept
Askinology’s Signature Collagen Cocktail 

On waking I’m present with a refreshing Collagen Cocktail, for one last kick of collagen. Blissful.

What I thought? A brilliant clinic catering for all levels of aesthetic interest hidden under the guise of a shop, so no one need know you’ve done anything more than pick up the latest eye cream. Genius!

Would a shop front make you feel more comfortable visiting an aesthetic clinic? Have your say below.