8 Eye Popping Mascaras

8 Eye Popping Mascaras

Truth be told, I have never been and never will be one to leave the house with out a slick (or three) of mascara. I mean, I’m all for embracing natural beauty but when you’re as fair haired as I am (I talking so pale your makeup free features blend in to one), mascara (unlike for all you brunettes beauties with your naturally dark lashes) isn’t an option, it’s an essential. 

So for all those fair hair ladies (that’s me) and tired mums (yes, that’s me also), or for those who just like that extra pop (ok, thats me too), I have picked 8 of my favourite ‘Eye Popping’ Mascaras8 Eye Popping Mascaras

  1. Dramatic Definition Mascara £9.99 by Revlon. I have never been one to shy away from cheap mascara’s and Revlon’s Dramatic Definition is the perfect example of why more expensive doesn’t always mean better8 Eye Popping Mascaras
  2. X-Rated Mascara £19.50 by Smashbox. With it’s breakthrough triple threat brush isolates, you can go from day to evening with no fear of clumps , flake or smudges. Ideal for time short mums like myself who don’t have the time or inclination to remove old mascara before a night out.eye009_eyeko_rockoutlashoutmascara_780x980
  3. Rock Out & Lash Out Mascara £20 by Eyeko. Thanks to a custom guitar shaped brush to thicken, lengthen and even curl lashes for a sooty lash fringe, fashionista mums can ditch the curlers and rock an ‘Alex Chung’ eye with no worries of smudges, crumbs or mascara tears.8 Eye Popping Mascaras
  1. Extreme Mascara £35 by Tom Ford. Keep your eyes popping all day long with Tom Fords creamy, long lasting formula which works to magnify and intensify the eye.  A super chic option for those who appreciate quality packaging along side quality results.8 Eye Popping Mascaras
  2. Smudge Proof Mascara £17 by Paul and Joe. If you ask me, ‘smudge proof’ tops the list of mascara qualities for any well groomed mum, and Paul & Joe’s unique film-type mascara with it’s quick-drying base that curls eyelashes for a long-lasting, smudge free look, hits just the right spot.8 Eye Popping Mascaras
  3. Mascara Terrybly £33.5 by By Terry. Containing a revolutionary lash-lengthening tinted lash serum, Mascara Terrybly activates growth from root to tip for thicker, stronger, longer and silkier lashes. What more could you ask for.CroppedFocusedImage1280128050-50-KingstonShishAug4
  1. Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara £22 by Shiseido. Thanks to its exclusive, layerable Curl Up Wax this full lash volume mascara dries instantly to set the curl and lift the lashes for a fan like effect that last all day. A real must have for anyone with straight lashes a la moi.8 Eye Popping Mascaras
  1. Big Fatty Mascara £15.50 by Urban Decay. Some times you just want to go big and when that time call you’ll want the Big Fatty! Containing a high-tech, moisturising formula enriched (with hemp seed oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil and Purisilk™ SPB) to rejuvenate, hydrate and prevents reduce free radical damage, lashes will appear longer and most importantly fatter.

Photography by Logan Irvine-MacDougall.

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