The Glamour Wave

1446653911_blonde-waves.jpgLooking for a ‘do’ that will stun on New Years Eve but not sure what hair style to go for or how to do it? I asked the lovely people at ghd to provide an easy to follow ‘step-by-step’ guide for one of my ultimate party hair styles ‘The Glamour Wave’.

1 Glamour WaveStep 1 : Prep dry hair with ghd curl hold spray (£12.95) and distribute evenly through the ends.

2 Glamour WaveStep 2 : Take a small section of hair above the eat and flat-wrap around the ghd curve soft curl tong (£120)

6 Glamour WaveStep 3 : Repeat technique, working up towards the parting. When you get to the parting, start the curl 10cm from the root.

8 Glamour WaveStep 4 : Once curled, slowly brush through with a ghd paddle brush (£20) to transform the curls into a glamorous wave.

9 Glamour Wave.jpgStep 5 : Finish with a mist of ghd final shine spray (£9.95)

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