Why You Should Take Iodine In Pregnancy

Iodine Mother and ChildIodine, in specific iodine deficiencies have become a hot topic of late, thanks to its strong link to impaired mental function, fatigue, thyroid problems, high cholesterol and depression.But did you know that severe lack of iodine during pregnancy is also one of the leading causes of brain damage in the developing world?

A key player in the production of thyroid hormones that help control the body’s growth and metabolism, Iodine plays a significant role in the healthy development of a baby’s brain and nervous system in the womb. It is suggested that even mild-to-moderate iodine deficiency during pregnancy may be associated with poorer cognitive function in the child, while severe iodine deficiency has long been known to cause impaired neurodevelopment in unborn children. Pretty scary stuff right?!

Iodine is so vital that the World Health Organization now recommends that pregnant women eat iodine-rich foods such as seaweed, fish and eggs. Which is all very well, but  if you are anything like I was when pregnant fish and eggs might not be high on your desirable food list. Thankfully recent studies have shown that a daily supplement of iodine such as certified organic Natures Plus Source of Life Multi can boost the IQ and health of your unborn child, meaning you can rest easy in the knowledge you are reaching your RDA of Iodine.

Photography by Logan Irvine-MacDougall.