Toddler Proof Nail Polish

Hardwearing Nail polish

No  matter how hard I try, I always chip my nail polish, normally within hours but sometimes within minutes of being freshly painted.

It was bad enough when I only had myself to worry about but now that I’m mum and dealing with a toddler right in the middle of his terrible twos, the state of my manicure has steadily deteriorated.

The problem is, I hate chipped nail polish but I  love painted nails. So for the last few months I have been searching out the toughest wearing nail polishes that can withstand man-handling the mammoth of all tantrums. You know the ones I am talking about, the ones when you just happen to be in a public space just as they start behaving as if you’re a member of  ISIS.

I’m afraid I can’t do anything about the tantrums, we’re just going to have to wait that phase out, but I can help you with your manicure. Here are my ultimate brands for hardwearing, toddler proof nail polishes.

  1. Nail Lacquer by Butter London
  2. Colour Stay Gel Envy by Revlon
  3. Paint Pots by Ciate
  4. Nail Lacquer by O.P.I
  5. Nail Colour by Deborah Lippmann
  6. Nail Polish by Nails Inc