How I Got My Pre-Baby Body Back: Part 2

Post Baby Body

4. Wearing a Girdle

So a lot of people may judge me on this one but I am not talking about just any girdle, I’m talking about a specially designed postnatal girdle.

I first discovered the benefits of a postnatal girdle from my mumspiration Jessica Alba who claimed it was the secret behind her amazing post baby tum. Giving you an instantly slimmer silhouette, it provides extra support, helps your tummy return to it’s pre-baby form and doesn’t require spending any time away from your precious bundle.

I wore my girdle almost 24/7 from the day after I gave birth, for around 2 months, and although sometimes uncomfortable, especially on a hot summers day with a baby strapped to your chest, its effects were well worth it. By the time I had to bare my bikini body at just 3 months post pregnancy, my stomach was as flat as it had been before I fell pregnant only this time it was accompanied by bigger boobs. One of the many benefits of breast-feeding!

My girdle was by Cinch but Macom Medical also do a great range of postnatal girdles for both natural and c-section births.

Post Baby Body

5. Postnatal Exercise

There’s no getting away from it, exercise is key to getting your body back but there’s a right and a wrong way to do it. Before you do any kind of exercise other than walking or a very light jog, it is of upmost important that you get the ‘all clear’ from your doctor. Remember your body is healing, if you do too much too soon and you hurt yourself, you will only have to wait even longer until you are allowed to workout.

I eased myself in by going for gentle runs and power walks to get my fitness levels back up and avoided any kind of abdominal exercise until I had my 6 week check. I then started to re-introduce my old classes, insuring I informed each and every instructor that I was postnatal.

*I shall go into further detail on my postnatal and current exercise routine, and how I make time to exercise with a toddler in tow at a later date.

6. Placenta Encapsulation

Ok, so it’s another controversial one here and I know the scientific jury is still out as to whether or not there is any benefit to placenta encapsulation but I did it, and yes I would do it again.

Placenta encapsulation involves freeze drying your placenta, grinding it up and making it in to pill form so you may reap its many benefits including; replenishing iron levels, rebalancing your hormones, stopping bleeding, facilitating your milk supply, ward off postnatal depression and improved energy levels.

Now you may think I’m nuts but my son did not sleep for the first 9 months of his life. He literally woke every hour on the hour. I generally believe that my placenta pills played a major part in my ability to get up and go exercise despite living off no sleep, as well as warding off any potential postnatal depression during what was a very stressful time in my life.

Have you got your pre-baby body back? Share your tops tips for getting your body back in the comments box below.