How I Got My Pre-Baby Body Back: Part 1

Post Baby Body Fitness

1. Exercising Throughout Pregnancy.

I know it’s often the last thing you want to do when pregnant but not only will it re-energise you, maintain your fitness levels and muscle tone, benefit your baby and help with the birth, but it will also make getting your body back a thousand times easier.

I continued with my regular gym classes during pregnancy but would inform any new instructor that I was pregnant so they could give me alternatives to any exercises that weren’t appropriate for pregnancy. I particularly loved the fun, uplifting aspect of group exercise and found this helped me when my motivation was low. Classes I attended regularly included Les Mills Body Attack, willPower & Grace, a bare foot ballet and yoga inspired workout, Yoga and Les Mills Body Pump, a full body weighted barbell workout. I had to give up Les Mills Body Attack at around 7 months as all that jumping around was just too much with my growing bump but I continued with Les Mills Body Pump and Yoga right up until I gave birth. I remember getting some crazy looks from people while doing weighted squats with my massive bump, yet a few months later there were multiple pregnant woman in my body pump class.

When I couldn’t get to the gym I loved Tracey Anderson’s; The Pregnancy Project which I would often do on my living room floor.

*Remember informing your fitness instructor of your condition is vital to insuring the health of yourself and your baby.

9 months pregnancy bump
9 months pregnant with Shiloh

2. Eating a Healthy Balanced Diet

Although for many trying not to over indulge is the challenge during pregnancy, for me it was making sure I was eating enough. Pre-pregnancy I was terrible at eating in regular intervals, so for me it was all about learning how to eat in the right way to nourish my body and my baby.

Getting your husband involved in your meals can be a great way of insuring you maintain a healthy diet, especially when you are too tired too cook and just want to eat chocolate for dinner. After all, if there is anytime your man can be called upon to go the extra mile it’s when you are pregnant. Since I had no motivation to cook, my husband would make my daily porridge for breakfast and then a healthy balanced dinner in the evening. Unfortunately I am allergic to the majority of raw fruits and nuts, so while at work I would often snack on oat-cakes to keep my blood sugar level and then have some kind of salad with avocado for lunch. I became totally obsessed with avocados, which is no bad thing considering they are super rich in folic acid, calcium, vitamins C, E, K, B1, B2 and B6, high in fibre and an amazing source of omega 3 and 6. Perfect for aiding brain development in baby and glowing skin for you!

If you aim for a healthy balanced diet with 3 meals a day and 2 snacks made up of whole grains, lean protein, healthy fats, fruit and an abundance of vegetables, you shouldn’t put on any extra weight than is needed to grow a healthy baba, and getting your body back will seem less of a challenge.

Remember, the same goes for after the birth, this is not a time for crash diets!

3. Daily Body Brushing and Stretch Mark Oil Application.

Despite exercising and eating healthily, I was not immune to the sudden appearance of cottage cheese thighs, god they made me want to cry, an ever expanding stomach, to be expected, and cartoon esq breasts, I literally went from a 30B to a 30F, no joke! So to avoid stretch marks and to keep the cellulite under control, daily body brushing and a twice-daily application of Mama Mio Tummy Rub Oil on my thighs, hips, bump and breast was essential. Boring I know, but I swear that this daily ritual was one of the main reasons I remained stretch mark free.

Have you got your pre-baby body back? Share your tops tips for getting your body back in the comments box below.