From The Moment You See That Little Blue Line, Life Changes Forever

Story Time Mother and Child
@editorsbeauty & Shiloh

Giving birth to my son Shiloh in June 2013, at the age of 29, was by far the most rewarding (and the most excruciating) thing I have ever done. Better than getting those ‘A’ grades at A-level, better than seeing my magazine on the shelves in WHSmith and dare I say it (sorry husband) better than my wedding day.

Admittedly I did things in reverse and we didn’t get married until our sons 1st birthday, so the whole marriage thing seemed to pale into insignificance compared to the grandeur that is having a baby. Deciding to have a baby with your partner is your life long commitment; marriage has a get out clause.

But along with all the excitement and out pouring of love came another emotion. Pure fear. Yes I was a little scared about how I was going to care for my screaming bundle of joy, but I was absolutely petrified of what was going to happen to my pre-baby body and how I was going to get it back.

I know, I know, it’s terribly vain and all you should worry about when having a baby is that it is healthy and happy. Yet, I had always been very controlled over how my body looks, working out regularly and watching what I eat, and now I had to relinquish some of that control to this new little being growing inside of me. On top of that,  despite 2 years and 10 months being not so long ago, I found there to be little information on staying fit when pregnant. The only recommend exercise seemed to be swimming or pregnancy yoga, which although brilliant for some, just didn’t do it for me. I wanted some thing active, not something that you can do sitting in a chair!

I remember reading an article in the Daily Mail shortly after finding out, discussing how some women are ‘selfishly continuing to exercise through out pregnancy’. I couldn’t believe that this was even discussion in a national newspaper, as even then I was sure  it was public knowledge that exercise when pregnant is of benefit to both mother and baby. Apparently not!  It just goes to show the outdated knowledge that so many have on the subject.

Anyway despite public opinion and lack of information, I decided that I would not use my pregnancy as an excuse to let myself go. I was going to prove that it is possible to stay fit during pregnancy, that you can get your body back without scarifying precious time with your baby and that being a mum doesn’t mean you can’t be attractive.

I created Editors Beauty to share my beauty and fitness knowledge gained from my experience of pregnancy and beyond. Because you may be a mum, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a hot mum!

Photography by Logan Irvine-MacDougall.

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